Food Does Make a Difference
A Beginner's Guide to Better Health


It actually does matter what you put into your mouth!


Do you want to be healthier but don’t know how?


Is knowing what to eat overwhelming?


Confused where to start and wonder if you can keep it up?


In this book, Suzanne shares her journey with you so you can gain confidence in your desire for change.
You will gain a great foundation for sustainable changes, follow and engage in simple steps,
learn what ingredients are unhealthy and healthy, and enjoy 51 recipes that are easy and delicious.


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        Here are what others are saying:

  "Wonderful work and many delicious recipes for your health and well being.”

 — Dr. Robert O. Young, CPT, MSc. DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner, Author


Suzanne’s story is one of courage and tenacity. It inspires me to keep going and hope that I, too, can become healthy.”

— Solveig Quass, Mother, Lawyer, Entrepreneur


“I can’t think of a more easy and relieving way to get a better body. "Thank you forever!”

— Lana Stevens, College Student


"In her book, Suzanne Stevens tells of her personal journey to learn that Food DOES Make a Difference. In addition to much food and additive research, she learns and explains there is often a need for emotional healing in order to improve one’s physical health.  Ten excellent steps are given in order to gain a healthy body--including ingredients to avoid as well as healthier choices."

— Edye Mitchell, Mother/Grandmother, CNS Hospice Volunteer, Retired from WIU (Western Illinois University)



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Suzanne Stevens


Join me on the journey to better health. Let me help you achieve your desire for good health.


She and her husband, Robert, have been married for 29 years and together have seven great children.


I love nutrition and good food and can't wait to help you find the NEW YOU!


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