Original Kombucha

Prep Time

5 - 10 minutes

Cooking Time

7-10 days


7 cups


6 cups boiling filtered water

1/2 cup organic sugar

1/2 gallon jar

1 tablespoon Irish Breakfast Tea loose or into a tea ball

1 scoby

1 cup kombucha from the last ferment

2 coffee filters and a rubber band


1. Boil filtered water

2. Put sugar into jar and pour water till dissolved

3. Put Irish Breakfast Tea into jar cover 

4. When mixture is cooled strain

5. Put mixture back into the jar and add the scoby and 1 cup of kombucha from the last batch

6. Wipe the rim dry and cover with two coffee filters held tight with a rubber band

7. Put on your counter or ventilated cub board for 7-10 days


The fermenting process varies depending on the temperature of your home or area you have the kombucha.

I found that using half gallon jars is more convenient than a one gallon jar.

Any type of caffeinated tea can be use. Each tea will produce a slightly different flavor. For example: English Breakfast Tea, Oolong Tea, White Jasmine Tea, Green Tea