Mixed Berry Fruit Roll Up

Prep Time

15 minutes

Cooking Time

12-18 hours


1 - 2 trays


2 peeled and cored very ripe large pears

2 cups mixed berries fresh or frozen (thawed slightly)

1 teaspoon vanilla


1. Place pears and mixed berries in a blender till well blended.

2. Pour onto a dehydrator tray or two with silicone lining to 1/4 inch thick

3. Set temperature up to 125 degrees.

4. Check to see at 12 hours if done. If not let it go until it is dry. 

5. Then peel from the lining. If it is still wet peel off and remove the lining and place on the tray upside down. Check again in another two hours.


1. I use an Excalibrator dehydrator. However, any dehydrator you have will do.

2. You may need to let the frozen berries thaw so the mixture is easier to blend.

3. Moisture in the mixture and room will lengthen drying time. Be patient.