Prep Time

5 minutes


1 Cup


1 egg - pastured/free range organic preferred

1 cup - Avocado Oil

1 teaspoon - mustard

1 Tablespoon - lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar

1/2 teaspoon to taste - unrefined salt

Pepper to taste


Put egg into 2 cup measuring cup or the cup that comes with the immersion blender. Have a cup of avocado oil in a measuring cup that can pour. Using the immersion blender blend the egg. Slowly pour the oil while blending until the oil is mixed into the egg. Blend or stir the rest of the ingredients into the mayo.


To add a bonus of good health. Mix in 1/8 cup of whey or sauerkraut juice and let it sit on your counter covered but not tight for 7 hours. Then into your fridge to enjoy.