Cranberry Kombucha

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cooking Time

7 days


1 jar


1 jar of Original Kombucha

cranberries - fresh or frozen


1. Pour two layers of cranberries into your jar.

2. Cover with Original Kombucha leaving 1 inch of head space.

3. Cover with coffee filters and rubber band wiping lid Or screw on a lid but do not tighten it.

4. Place on your counter or in a ventilated cupboard.

5. In two days you may want to pop the cranberries. You can do this within the jar. It will help to flavor and color your Kombucha.


After 7 days you can taste your Kombucha and see if it has the flavor you want. If it does not then just let it sit for a another day or more.

Click for my Original Kombucha recipe.